VIP Airliners

Capacious, Luxurious And ExclusivePrivate Jets

VIP airliners are the perfect choice when you’re seeking the most luxurious, premium way to travel long distance by air. Whether you’re taking a long haul business trip for corporate purposes or whether you’re travelling with friends and family and want the ultimate privacy and comfort for your journey, this class of a private jet will suit your requirements perfectly.

VIP airliners provide an unparalleled amount of cabin space to ensure that every passenger can stretch out, relax and really enjoy every second of their private jet flight. Thanks to flexible interior layouts, it’s possible to adapt this type of private jet for either personal or business needs, with sufficient flexibility to accommodate a range of different spaces such as a dining area, master bedroom, open lounge, stateroom and, of course, a wide variety of different seating configurations to suit all requirements.

This type of private jet is designed primarily for long-range transportation that covers every continent, and this makes it the best option for large groups keen to travel all together with no compromise on luxury or style. Non-stop intercontinental flights are no problem at all for this class of a private jet and, of course, passengers can benefit from a comprehensive range of on board amenities including cutting edge technology, full catering services, flight attendants on hand throughout the flight and beautifully designed luxury furnishings.

Boeing Business Jet vip airliners

Charter one of these private jets and you can rest assured of a truly unparalleled flight to your chosen destination. Capable of accommodating as many as 50 passengers, these private jets will whisk you away across continents in complete seclusion, exclusivity and luxury.

VIP Airliners

Airbus Corporate Jet
Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)
Airbus ACJ319neo Side View
Lineage 1000E Side View

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