Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)

Bagagge Capacity640 cu.ft.
Speed869 km/h
Range18,418 km
Interior Width5,48 m (18ft)
Interior Height2,31 m (7ft 6)
Interior Length48,4 m (158ft 9)

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)Short Overview

When only the ultimate in VIP travel will do, the Boeing Business Jet or BBJ is the perfect choice.

Offering up to 50 passengers an unprecedented amount of cabin space, Boeing Business Jet boasts a highly flexible layout to its interior so all of your work or personal requirements can easily be met. This aircraft is capable of accommodating a wide variety of spaces including an open lounge, stateroom, dining area and private master bedroom as well as several different seating configurations.

Suitable for long-range transportation needs across continents, this is the perfect aircraft charter for large groups of friends, family members or corporate organisations wishing to travel together without having to compromise on

BBJ VIP Airliner Cabin Layout

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