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If you’re looking for a travel solution with a private jet where comfort, affordability and convenience are paramount then you’re in safe hands because at Challenge Jet Charter we offer an opportunity for our clients to use Air Taxi services and reduce the cost of private flights whilst travelling in small private jets.

Speed & FlexibilityComfort And Affordability

If you’re looking to book a private jet flight and get around quickly and economically, Air Taxi can be the best solution for business and leisure trips while covering short distances.

Air Taxi service involves chartering small private jets, including 4-seat Very Light Jets and Turboprops that can take off and land on short runways. That’s what makes them excellent in reaching smaller airports. Air Taxi service allows paramount flexibility because by flying a commercial plane, the airport accessibility becomes much lower compared to private jet flights.

In Europe, the commercial airliners can only access around 300 airports where as smaller private jets can connect you to more than 3,000 airports in the region. It can give you a better accessibility to land in the location closest to your final destination.

This type of service can be a great private jet flight solution for those who are looking for a one-day flight visiting several branches all over Europe and the USA. Business executives tend to use Air Taxi services quite regularly in the instances of urgency or when staff transfers are needed for various industry projects.

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Fly In Europe With Air Taxi Private Jet Services

Benefits of Chartering an Air Taxi

There are many advantages to chartering an Air Taxi, comfort, reliability, flexibility and affordability being the biggest ones, however there are some other benefits to be considered.

Commercial airports get really crowded, especially during the busy travel seasons, however by chartering an Air Taxi, you will be able to avoid airport congestion at all times due to the location and size of non-commercial airports. What is more, this method of travel allows more flexibility in travel schedules, meaning that the departure times can be arranged according to the client’s preferences.

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