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Challenge Jet Charter caters Film and TV industry with private jet services in a flexible manner. Everything from arranging private chartered flights for VIP talent, film crews, directors and producers to moving equipment can be tailored for your private flight. Since we offer a bespoke private jet charter service, we can tailor flights from and to private airports, even in the locations that can’t normally be reached with a commercial airliner.


We at Challenge Jet Charter are able to provide a bespoke private jet solution by assisting you with a selection from a wide range of aircraft options. Indeed, we can arrange everything from helicopter transfers, ground transfers, air taxi services, executive airliner flights or private jet flights to cater to your needs. By arranging a Film and TV charter with us, you will not have to worry about the discomfort of transferring your equipment, flying your film crews, producers, VIP talent, directors and supporting staff members.

Exclusivity, privacy, safety, comfort and attention to detail are the qualities we go by at Challenge Jet Charter to always keep our clients satisfied. Since, Film and TV industry requires making quick decisions, our personal flight manager will always be in contact and assist with all the necessary arrangements. We will always make sure that your chartered flight is operating on the schedule.

Private Jet Service for Film and TV Industry

Our Full Commitment

The team at Challenge Jet Charter works closely with Film and TV management teams in order to provide seamless, smooth and excellent service. Due to the wide range of aircraft selection, we are always committed to find the best solution for your tailored Film and TV charter flight. We can offer anything from a VIP airliner for the Film and TV crew and support staff with equipment to a long range jet for VIP talent, producers and directors. What is more, sometimes your final destination can’t be reached by a private jet, that is when we can offer a helicopter transfer or a ground transfer service.

Furthermore, due to our flexibility and availability we are available 24/7 and your dedicated flight manager will always update you on your Film and TV charter flight details. Our team is always able to present the most optimal solution for any given situation with the least amount of hassle. Whether you want a fancy catering menu or even take pets on board, Challenge Jet Charter can make it happen.

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