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Music Tour CharterFor The Music Industry

We work with various international DJs and artists from the Music industry. Also, offer music tour charter services to some of the most popular singers, composers, DJs and producers and have been able to build strong and trustworthy business relationships.

At Challenge Jet Charter we have an access to a wide range of aircraft and are able to provide solutions on a large scale of private jet travels. Whether you are travelling on a world tour or need a quick last-minute flight to a music festival, we are always able to find a solution for you. Due to our expertise working with musicians and music industry, reaching destinations such as Ibiza, Dubai, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Miami, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, Croatia, Denmark, Belgium, Mexico, United Kingdom, Romania and Costa Rica.

The Challenge Jet Charter team are always keen on providing the best private jet travel solutions and transportation needs to the clients. By arranging a private jet travel, we also offer additional travel solutions such as ground transfers or helicopter transfers, making sure you can reach your destination safe and sound.

music tour charter services via private jets and business jets

Music Tours On A Private Jet

Our dedicated team work closely with tour managers, personal assistants, agents and promoters in order to get every detail of your music private jet charter flight. Due to the nature of the music industry, short timeframes, quick turnaround times and last-minute changes are not new to us, that is why we are always flexible and are able to adapt to each situation.

We are able to work with the given schedule and provide you the details about the nearest airports, flight times, times of commuting between the venues and other details required for your private music charter. Also, we can always arrange flexible departure and arrival times in order to keep your music tour on track.

Everything from smoking on a private jet, drinks, catering and travelling with pets can be arranged during your music charter flight as required. Want to stay connected? Not to worry, many private jets have Wi-Fi onboard. Whatever you need – we can make it happen.

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