The Best Destinations for an Autumn Getaway

There is something magical about travelling in the Fall. Vibrant colours, milder climate and a notorious calmness, which make this season perfect to embark on an adventure. Out there, a few destinations await, which become ever more beautiful and interesting at this particular time of the year.

With leaves that embellish the landscape or a tropical beach where you can sunbathe undisturbed, autumn is the perfect moment to travel. For the early birds, some good news: you no longer need to get up at dawn to watch a beautiful sunrise and seize the day.

Our advice is to do it all in great style, considering the comfort of private jet service to help you discover the best destinations this Autumn. With these magical places and perfect fall colours waiting, here’s our inspiration list to tempt you on your next luxury dream travel!

The Best Destinations for an Autumn Getaway


Canada is one of the most memorable destinations waiting for those that can no longer hold back their desire to travel. The golden colours of maple leaves and the fall shades take on an extraordinary dimension in almost every city in the country.

The Banff National Park is a favourite stop this time of the year, as are the regions of Quebec and Ontario. Practically all the country’s cities become more charming during the fall, including the largest ones like Toronto and Vancouver.

The natural landscapes are nothing short of magnificent. With the typical Canadian leaf spreads everywhere, you’ll find orange carpets in the streets. A true unique fall experience, made even better by the warm-hearted nature of the Canadian nationals.

Vermont, USA

New England is one of the most popular regions to visit during autumn. In particular, many of our private jet customers have a special spot in their hearts for Vermont. This location provides fantastic nature displays of beauty, with what seems like endless red, orange and golden foliage.

Private jet getaway to Vermont in the USA

Take a stroll in the magical village of Woodstock, where local farmers, artists, and artisans create a unique vibe. Drop by in any of the family-owned shops and stop by Moore’s Orchard for some quality apple picking.

In addition, Vermont’s collection of resorts and ski lodges allow for plenty of pampering and relaxation, which translate to the perfect ingredients for a true luxury getaway.

Athens, Greece

Early autumn is a great time to travel to Athens. Temperatures are pleasant, far from the torrid summer months. There are also fewer tourists, and you can easily visit the cradle of western civilization without rushing.

With milder temperatures, the weather is often sublime and sunny. The invitation is nothing short of legendary. Waiting for you, the 2470-year-old Acropolis and its rich history, yours to enjoy during any time of the day.

Stay at the impressive Grande Bretagne Hotel and enjoy one of the best views on the roof towards the Parthenon. In addition, don’t miss out on the many museums throughout the city, such as the Benaki and the National Gallery. We invite you to take on the local pulse and shop at the famous Monastiraki flea market.

Private jet getaway to Athens in Greece

Tuscany, Italy

On top of many bucket lists is a private jet flight to Tuscany, in Italy. Its credentials are almost beyond any adjectives. We’d say it is one of the most charming, impressive and welcoming places in the whole world.

With its beauty topped up at this particular time of the year, the peak tourist season over and sweltering temperatures behind you, Tuscany truly shines.

Begin by visiting Florence, with its grand monuments, and icons of the Renaissance era. A few days are enough to get the taste of the vibrant city, the Duomo, and the eternal artistic pieces by some of the greatest names of all time on display at the incredible Uffizi Gallery, or Galleria degli Uffizi.

Once you took the time to really feel Florence, take a road trip towards the surrounding countryside. Here, the warm colours of fall paint a different painting, with treasures such as centennial vineyards waiting for your visit. Don’t leave the beautiful medieval town of Siena out of the itinerary. The picturesque and small village of San Gimignano, with the Tuscan landscape as the perfect backdrop, is also a treat.

Private jet getaway to Tuscany in Italy

Tuscany needs no introduction regarding its fantastic wine and unforgettable food. Surrounded by this season’s golden foliage results in dishes that include the highly coveted white truffles. Festivals dedicated to these expensive tubers are abundant, especially in the towns of San Miniato, Volterra and Palaia. A true paradise destiny for luxurious autumn travel.

São Tomé and Príncipe, Africa

We know summer is behind us — even though there’s always the next one. That doesn’t mean you can’t extend your paradise break a little longer with one of the very best-kept secrets in the world. A perfect tropical paradise that awaits beyond the burned-out colours that autumn delivers. Now is the ideal time to explore this unique and wild beauty. In addition to tropical rainforests and beaches, it is part of a volcanic chain with impressive rocks and coral formations.

Private jet getaway to Sao Tome and Principe in Africa

Our advice for those still wishing to soak up on the sun and enjoy heavenly privacy is to fly to São Tomé e Principe for a paradisical holiday. Here, sun, tropical heat and magical landscapes await in nearly deserted beaches. Enjoy a delightful day of sun-soaking, or get to know the island in a 4×4 adventure. It’s fascinating to discover more about its coffee production and local economy. Its welcoming people make the whole experience even more heavenly, and by the end of the day, you’ll find yourself relaxing by the sky-blue sea again.

In the evening, cocktails and fresh seafood or the catch of the day are a must. Autumn is the perfect time for a getaway to these islands, as the temperatures are milder, nearly no tourists, and you can get to indulge in the ultimate luxury for far less.

Besides all the beauty that colours of the fall bring, some destinations become true paradises at this time. Our suggestion is to trust your desires to a renowned private jet service and let us take care of your next Autumn holiday.

Contact us today for your free quote and make the most of the most charming autumn destinations this year.

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