What Food Can Be Served On A Private Jet?

Catering On A Private Jet

As a bespoke private jet charter solutions provider, we ensure that our clients fly in comfort and luxury. Attention to detail and meeting the client’s expectations are paramount in business aviation. When it comes to the preferences of food on a private jet, we are always able to arrange specific food and drink options whilst following the dietary guidelines of the passengers.

So, if the question “What food can be served on a private jet?” remains, our short answer would be – anything you desire.

What Food Can You Eat On A Private Jet

Do I need to choose from a menu?

This question comes up quite often. Even though, the passengers can have anything they want in terms of catering, sometimes they can’t really make a decision. That is when our team at Challenge Jet Charter can come up with suggestions.

If the client has an important meeting to attend or their schedule is busy, they may not have enough time to think about the catering. We always give the priority to the client to choose their own catering menu. In case of a busy client’s, schedule we may ask for any dietary requirements and help to arrange the catering menu for the passengers.

What are the available food options on a private jet?

Most of the menus offered on a private jet include a selection of different dishes, including vegetarian, vegan and meals that can be suitable for the passengers with religious dietary requirements. Even if the client wishes to make any changes to the flight itinerary, aircraft and to specific dietary requirements at the last minute, we can still make it possible.

If the client has a busy schedule and is not able to provide specific wishes for the food on a private jet flight, we will always arrange a standard catering menu with a selection of delicious food and drinks, depending on the client’s dietary requirements.

In order to make the most out of the catering experience on a private jet, we always advise our clients to provide us with their catering wishes in advance so the client’s needs can be fulfilled.

Private jet food menus for our clients are always different. Having years of experience in arranging private jet flights for our clients, we can point out that the most popular meals on a private jet are often:

  • Smoked salmon with potatoes
  • Salad
  • Grilled chicken with rice
  • Meat platter
  • Steak
  • Cheese board
  • Fruit
  • Pasta
  • Sandwiches

There are simply no limits to the catering menu on a private jet, anything you fancy – we will always make sure it is served to you on board.

Catering On A Private Jet

Does the food differ depending on the private jet type?

The food offered on the aircraft might depend on the aircraft type. The reason being is because smaller aircraft do not have a kitchen in the galley where the food can be prepared. That is why, on short-haul flights, the passengers are usually offered a selection of cold catering menus. These often consist of sushi, sandwiches, salads, cheese boards and snacks. However, if a client requests a prepared hot meal, this can still be arranged by us, even on a smaller aircraft.

When it comes to long-haul flights, there is more room for hot catering arrangements. It is mainly because bigger aircraft contain amenities in the galley that can make it possible to be done inside the cabin. Passengers flying on a Super Midsize Jet, Heavy Jet or Ultra Long Range Jet can always enjoy cooked hot meals.

Special occasions

Even during special occasions such as birthdays, engagements or even marriages, we are always able to fulfil the catering needs of the client. We can arrange everything from birthday cakes, champagne, decorations and even flowers, making the flight experience for the passengers more exciting, exclusive and luxurious.

Relationships make it easy

Having a good relationship between the client and the air charter broker is important when it comes to catering. A good private jet broker will always know what are the catering preferences of the client, making the arrangements of the food on a private jet seamless. In that regard, it takes away the pressure off the client during the request of the catering menu.

If the client provides the same or similar catering menu on every private jet flight, it becomes easier for the broker to come up with suggestions in case the client is not able to make a decision themselves. That is why maintaining a healthy relationship between the broker and the client is key, not only in regards to catering but taking the rest of the flight preparations into account as well.


When it comes to catering on a private jet, your options are limitless. Our team at Challenge Jet Charter will always fulfil every need, on every occasion. We are always committed to providing exceptional service to our clients, which is why our team will be able to help to arrange a catering menu, even when time becomes a constraint.

If you are not sure which aircraft to charter, our team of aviation consultants are always able to advise and help you to select an aircraft that you would feel most comfortable flying with.

In order to get exclusive rates for a private jet charter, you can always contact our team of aviation advisors who will ensure that you are receiving the best rates and exclusive experience.

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