Where Can I Fly by Private Jet During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Navigating your travel plans during a global pandemic can be particularly tricky and with lockdown or quarantine measures constantly changing and evolving it can be exceptionally hard to keep up. The beauty of private jets during the COVID-19 pandemic is, of course, our ability to schedule flights at incredibly short notice remaining agile and flexible to keep up with client demand. Many destinations across the globe are unfortunately delaying tourism until further notice but there are some tropical treasures which you can still fly to by private jet during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Challenge Jet Charter has implemented vigorous cleaning regimes and strict testing procedures for all staff to ensure your safety and wellbeing. You can reach your destination in comfort and ease without the worry of risk from other travellers. See below for our list of top travel destinations which are still open for travel. 


On arrival, all travellers will be asked to present a certificate of a negative PCR test carried out within the 72 hours prior to departure. All hotels across the island have been open since the 15th of October and they are currently at a low alert level. It isn’t unusual to stay in an isolated resort whilst on the breathtakingly stunning island, making it a perfect travel destination during the COVID-19 pandemic as it won’t feel much more different than usual. 

Private Jet Flight to Maldives during the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Our exclusive private jets can fly you into the largest island in the Seychelles, Mahé. When you arrive expect to display your negative test result and it’s compulsory to stay at licensed accommodation. Face masks are to be worn where social distancing can’t be maintained and yachts, super-yachts and fishing boats are permitted to enter the island. Safely enjoy snorkelling or island hopping and see the island how you want to. We highly recommend a visit to the Seychelles during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Private Jet Flight to Seychelles during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Costa Rica

If you want to avoid the hassle of acquiring a private COVID-19 test 72 hours before your trip then Costa Rica could be the perfect destination to jet off to. On October 26th they eliminated the requirement of RT-PCR tests, you will, however, need travel insurance which is mandatory when travelling to the Island. Whether you’re into rainforests, volcanoes or picturesque beaches Costa Rica could be the ultimate travel destination during this unprecedented time. 

Private Jet Flight to Costa Rica during the Covid-19 Pandemic.


This Caribbean hotspot is open for travel during the COVID-19 pandemic and they even launched their own travel insurance “Jamaica Cares.” This mandatory travel insurance initiative was designed for all non-resident visitors into the country. There is a fee for the authorisation process which is approximately $40-$50. You will be expected to go through a short risk assessment by public health when you arrive on the island and all residents from the USA, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama will be expected to present a negative PCR test. 

Private Jet Flight to Jamaica during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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